Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 28th

We said the pledge. Attempted to listen to the announcements by getting blurbs of conversation.
Have notes for the Cantos through 8. (These were done on Friday in class)
FIRE DRILLLLLLL (for five minutes)
During our fire drill we took a leisurely walk as we contemplated the fact that Mrs. Smith was not in the room when we were supposed to be evacuating in case of fire. We all burned to death. Class was canceled..... One can dream.... Onwards with class....

Wednesday- Quiz on cantos 1-11
Friday- Start watching Beowulf
Reviewing notes from Friday

In groups pick a topic based on Cultural Ideals
Epic hero qualities
Good vs Evil
Purpose of 1-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8
15 minutes to make poster about one of the above MAD RUSH FOR TOPICS! WARNING: AVOID CHALKBOARD AT ALL COSTS
Group Time: choose your groups, topic and color. Make posters with a pretty picture on your topic.
During this time Smith periodically called out the amount of time remaining in an annoyed tone because we don't participate in class except for in creative poster making time.
Pretty Posters have been hung up on wall. Took notes based on them.

Watch Women's power in the movie and the story
Women servitude

Unification of people through belief in Christianity
Beowulf feels God is protecting him
Many references to Gods

Epic hero
Embody qualities and characteristics of his surroundings
Beowulf embodies Geats and their civilization
difference between Tragic and Epic
Epic does it for his people
understand difference
Loyalty to their ruler

Good vs Evil
Good has been taken over by evil (Grendel)
Grendel faces good and is fearful
Beowulf symbol for good
Grendel symbol for evil

Beowulf shows respect to his king
Beowulf has to repay debt
People stay close to leader even when in fear

1-3- Despair of people
4-5- Arrival of Hero
6-7- Unfurth and the battle with Brecca
Set up as foil
Set up against to show more challenges, issues, how good of a warrior Beowulf is
8- Battle with Grendel starts
Epic qualities of Beowulf shown
End of Notes

Read Cantos 9,10,11. Starts on page 34.
Think about questions on page 38 to help ready you for the quiz on Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scribe 9 - 16 - 09

We turned in our college essays at the beginning of class.

We also decided that we are not going to present our scene modernizations today but we are going to on Friday instead. Our in class essay that was supposed to be on Friday has now turned into our homework for tonight and is due next Monday.

Oedipus Essay Notes:

-Tragic Hero
1) Nobility- "Oedipus, ruler of Thebes" (2) Explain

-Hero's Journey
1) Innocence "Why are you here?" (1) Explain
No clue, plague, role in death

-Dramatic irony- audience knows, character does not
1) keeps plot interesting, engaging Example: explain
2) Plot moves along Example: explain
3) Example: explain

We had the entire hour to start working on our Oedipus essay and our only homework is to work on our essay.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Scribe 9/11

we worked on our little Oedipus the King via performance, and reviewing posters
We have a blue packet that we need to go by for the skit, and it's worth 150 points so you better do good!

Ms smith emphasized that we must be safe this weekend.
Instead of any bad drinks, you should mix sprite with orange juice, and stuff like that.
Don't do anything smith wouldn't do this weekend!!!!~!

Homework: writing conference, and final paper.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

scribe 9.9.09 Adam Blank (On Dan's Account)uu

Today was DONUT FUN FILLED WEDNESDAY!! I had a delicious sprinkle donut courtesy of Eva.

Ms. Smith complained about her knee that hurt after running eight miles yesterday.

Today is the day we finish Oedipus Rex, and we learned about the modernizing Oedipus project we need to perform.

We talked about why Sophocles wrote the play. He wrote it to show that noone can escape fate.

Then Ms. Smith showed us a slightly inappropriate video involving vegetables playing characters in Oedipus

Then we worked on scenes and posters.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Scribe 09-04

Mrs. Smith started class by doing a reality check. She asked, "what's up? 1 thing going well :) 1 thing challenging you :( How can Smith help?"
We spent the first 15 minutes of class silently writing to Mrs. Smith.

We got into groups of about 6 to make posters about
~Hero's Journey
~Dramatic Irony
~What is a Hero
~Tragic Hero, Epic Hero
~Aristotle's Definition of Dramatic Irony

HOMEWORK: Final draft of essay

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


First off we started by eating delicious donuts provided by Lauryn.

Next we took an oath promising to be the best editor we could be. We should not worry about others feelings and instead provide insightful constructive criticism.

Then we switched essays with our table partners. We edited for about 15 minutes then switched it up with one more person from a different table.

After that we switched back and sat in our seats ready for the bell to ring.