Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scribe 9 - 16 - 09

We turned in our college essays at the beginning of class.

We also decided that we are not going to present our scene modernizations today but we are going to on Friday instead. Our in class essay that was supposed to be on Friday has now turned into our homework for tonight and is due next Monday.

Oedipus Essay Notes:

-Tragic Hero
1) Nobility- "Oedipus, ruler of Thebes" (2) Explain

-Hero's Journey
1) Innocence "Why are you here?" (1) Explain
No clue, plague, role in death

-Dramatic irony- audience knows, character does not
1) keeps plot interesting, engaging Example: explain
2) Plot moves along Example: explain
3) Example: explain

We had the entire hour to start working on our Oedipus essay and our only homework is to work on our essay.

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