Wednesday, September 9, 2009

scribe 9.9.09 Adam Blank (On Dan's Account)uu

Today was DONUT FUN FILLED WEDNESDAY!! I had a delicious sprinkle donut courtesy of Eva.

Ms. Smith complained about her knee that hurt after running eight miles yesterday.

Today is the day we finish Oedipus Rex, and we learned about the modernizing Oedipus project we need to perform.

We talked about why Sophocles wrote the play. He wrote it to show that noone can escape fate.

Then Ms. Smith showed us a slightly inappropriate video involving vegetables playing characters in Oedipus

Then we worked on scenes and posters.

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  1. scribe 9/7/2009!!

    today we finished beowulf the movie

    and then moved on to talking about how we could make our projects more interesting

    because smith thinks essays are boring

    we had to move rooms because the bulb in our projector was burned out