Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reading Milton...

Milton's Paradise Lost poses the question to readers: Why does a just and good God allow evil to exist? Considering all of our readings, listening to music, and watching scenes of the afterlife, what is your answer to Milton's question?

Wednesday January 27, 2010

Smith told a parenting story about her daughter at the beginning of class
Talked about Dante 3 and what we got out of what we read
Read Dante 5- Why does Dante consider sins of flesh deserving of hell?
Excerpt from the Quran (get from Smith) and Book 11 Odyssey
Homework: last lecture 2/12, teacher appointment, afterlife project 2/8, finish readings

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010


We watched a scene from the Devils Advocate, and discussed the differences in the videos of the devil.

Read from the book of Genesis in the Literature book. Pg. 416. The book of Genesis 1-3 shows how God created Earth and how Adam and Eve sinned

We also received two short pieces for The Creation.

Homework- work on last lecture, get an appointment with Smith, Afterlife project, Read the two pages of The Creation

Scribe for Jan. 20

Today in English we listened to the songs, The Devil Went Down to Georgia and Seven Deadly Sins. We discussed them and their connection to Hell. We also viewed a web site about Dantes 9 circles of Hell. We looked at the different layers and what determined what layer you go to. The homework was to work on your afterlife project and parts of your last lecture

Scribe 1/15/10

Group Culture/Religion
Kelli, Sean, Riley, John Mormonism
Anthony, Dil, and Kayli Egyptians
Kyle and Brandon Shamanism/Native American
Niki, Lyndsey Hinduism
Rachel, Lauryn, Kayla, Deirdre Swahili
Maddie, Louise, Tim, Sean Buddhism
Adam, Alex, Jake, Anthony Rastafarian
Daniel B, Jordan B Shinto
Eva and Jenna Atheism
Lexi Agnosticism

We watched bits of the film, Legend. It was about hell; good and evil. The devil looks like the stereotypical devil, red with horns. They used light and dark to show good and evil. Mrs. Smith also showed us a few pictures and we discussed good and evil; heaven and hell. Smith gave us two packets. We listened to Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones.

Our homework is to work on the project, the first part of out last lecture, and to read the background info in the packet Smith gave us about The Inferno

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scribe 1/13/10

Today in class smith told a story about the point of hell and the class answered a blog of who goes to hell and who decides. We received info on a research assignment due Feb 8th it'll be done in groups on on different cultures religions and belief systems . We also watched a video (the legend)

Home work :afterlife project and begin work on the Pausch lecture part 1 and blog

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

H-E- Double Hockey Sticks

This first unit in our English class is going to get very personal very fast. I need you all the be open-minded, concientious in your replies and carry on an adult conversation. I am trusting that you can all do this and all participate so that we all learn and grow from this experience. We don't want anyone to walk away from this hurt or angry.

The question is...

Who goes to Hell? Who decides? Why do people go to Hell?

Think. Defend. Challenge. Expand.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Scribe for 1/11/2010

The class entered the room in the general manner. We sat and listened to announcements followed by saying hello to the wonderful Mrs. Smith. She spoke with us about homework and being proactive regarding our assignments. We then began watching the last lecture of Randy Paush which involved virtual programming, retrospective understanding of life's path, and teaching technological courses. The class watched with a strange sense of awe. The video had good messages and I think the class respected those messages. It preached a lot about helping people, never giving up, and having fun... which is always great stuff to preach.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Collaborative Goals for Second Semester

Personal Goals:

• make sure I'm ready for college
• participate more in class discussions
• learn to write better conclusions
• better my organizational skills
• be a full time student, not just between 7:21 and 2:16
• stay in tune and connected with school, don't space out
• turn in assignments on time
• get better at writing skills
• get better at analyzing the books
• finish second semester and senior year strong. don't get sloppy or fizzle out

Teacher Goals:

• -Hold us accountable for our mistakes (x2)
• -Be patient
• -Tough enough to keep us on track but still fun
• -Keep us entertained
• -Be understanding
• -Supervise without babysitting
• -Don't sugar-coat things
• -Help us understand the context of what we are reading
• -Help us to make sense of the things we are really confused about
• -Teach in a fun manner
• -Thoroughly explain ideas
• -Have open-idea projects (we get to choose our projects)

Class goals:

• have fun
• participate
• learn from one another
• be respectful to one another
• stay open minded
• don't interrupt each other
• think deeper then we have before
• grow life long relationships
• push ourselves
• make a great last semester
• be supportive of others
• follow through in group projects
• stay focused. no senoritis
• ask questions and don't be afraid to talk
• have fun and be creative
• stay motivated
• oh and by the way......graduate.....teachers don't want you to be here another year.