Friday, January 8, 2010

Collaborative Goals for Second Semester

Personal Goals:

• make sure I'm ready for college
• participate more in class discussions
• learn to write better conclusions
• better my organizational skills
• be a full time student, not just between 7:21 and 2:16
• stay in tune and connected with school, don't space out
• turn in assignments on time
• get better at writing skills
• get better at analyzing the books
• finish second semester and senior year strong. don't get sloppy or fizzle out

Teacher Goals:

• -Hold us accountable for our mistakes (x2)
• -Be patient
• -Tough enough to keep us on track but still fun
• -Keep us entertained
• -Be understanding
• -Supervise without babysitting
• -Don't sugar-coat things
• -Help us understand the context of what we are reading
• -Help us to make sense of the things we are really confused about
• -Teach in a fun manner
• -Thoroughly explain ideas
• -Have open-idea projects (we get to choose our projects)

Class goals:

• have fun
• participate
• learn from one another
• be respectful to one another
• stay open minded
• don't interrupt each other
• think deeper then we have before
• grow life long relationships
• push ourselves
• make a great last semester
• be supportive of others
• follow through in group projects
• stay focused. no senoritis
• ask questions and don't be afraid to talk
• have fun and be creative
• stay motivated
• oh and by the way......graduate.....teachers don't want you to be here another year.

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