Friday, January 22, 2010

Scribe 1/15/10

Group Culture/Religion
Kelli, Sean, Riley, John Mormonism
Anthony, Dil, and Kayli Egyptians
Kyle and Brandon Shamanism/Native American
Niki, Lyndsey Hinduism
Rachel, Lauryn, Kayla, Deirdre Swahili
Maddie, Louise, Tim, Sean Buddhism
Adam, Alex, Jake, Anthony Rastafarian
Daniel B, Jordan B Shinto
Eva and Jenna Atheism
Lexi Agnosticism

We watched bits of the film, Legend. It was about hell; good and evil. The devil looks like the stereotypical devil, red with horns. They used light and dark to show good and evil. Mrs. Smith also showed us a few pictures and we discussed good and evil; heaven and hell. Smith gave us two packets. We listened to Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones.

Our homework is to work on the project, the first part of out last lecture, and to read the background info in the packet Smith gave us about The Inferno

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