Monday, October 26, 2009

October 23rd, Friday

Discussion of Act I moved to Monday, October 26th.


Live Blog with Lovett Private School in Atlanta Georgia ( for more information.)

(Smith is competitive) Dominating with our thoughts.

November 16 Act 3 Fishbowl (Now a live blog with Private School)

Half way through 2nd hour dismissed for live blog

No later than 8:50am

Talk to teachers ASAP! (Before next Friday)

Come to Normal Classroom

Be here and be set up by 8:55 am

December 9 End of Play



You will miss first hour. (talk to your Teacher ASAP!)

Be in normal room at 8:45am

if you want to help set up come at 8:35-8:40am


Finish Act I. Alexa as Polonius. Eva as Ophelia. Kyle as Hamlet. Alex as Horatio. Tim as Marcellus. Nick as the Ghost. (he has a creepy voice :O)

Hamlet guilt tripped into helping ghost.

“If you loved me you will avenge me!”


Represented as ultimate evil in the perfect garden that Denmark was before the King's murder

Sign up for parts on Act II:

Polonius- Kayli

reynaldo- Lauryn S

Ophelia- Rachel

King- Addie

Queen- Kayla

Rosencrantz- Sarah

Guildenstern- Louise

Voltemand- Maddie

Hamlet- Jeremy

First Player- Daniel

Watched clip of Ghost scene in kenneth version, as well as Hamlet's grieving soliloquy.

Act I quiz monday!

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