Wednesday, October 14, 2009

scribe 10/14/09 Daniel Brus

Today we have a short day. It is donut Wednesday but no one is signed up so no donuts. :(
Ms. Smith is allowing us to read Hamlet for the first section of Hamlet. Ms. Smith set us up with parts for Act 1:
Bernardo-Anthony Dillon
Fran-Sean Bull
Horatio-Alex Barker
Gertrude (Queen)-Jenna
Claudius (King)-Adam Blank
Cornelius/ Voltemand-Alexa
Ophelia- Eva
These are the parts that will be played and by whom in act 1 on Monday.

Ms. Smith then allowed us to get our groups together for the fishbowl. She told us to exchange emails. She also told us to try to get phone numbers so that we can communicate. Period ended early due to PSAT.

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