Friday, December 4, 2009

Scribe 09-10

Scribe for 12/4/2009

Today we started things off with the usual greeting and then we received the Final Project. We received instructions that if we want we can work in group and we can also work solo if we so decide.

Ms. Smith gave us a riveting explanation of how we are to do our final project. She told us that we are to make an article like piece for a time magazine like article that explains the past, present, and future of heroes. This piece should be written as if we are in 2050. Excellent grade will get you an A, good will get you a B, Fair will get you a C, anything else is FAILING!!!!!!!

Then we proceeded to read the rest of Act V in Hamlet. Parts have already been assigned and we are continuing the reading from page 273. Have a great weekend and remember to tell your teachers that Wednesday you will miss first hour.

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