Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scribe December 2

Today we started by picking parts for Act V.
Gravedigger - Addie
Other - John
Hamlet - Kyle
Horatio - Sarah
Laertes - Anthony Dillon
Doctor - Tim
Queen - Kelli
King - Adam
Osric - Jeremy
Lord - Jenna
Fortinbras - Dan
Ambassador - Sean B.

We read Act V Scenes 1and part of 2, ending on page 273.

Work on your Hamlet paper. Ms. Smith strongly suggests that you go to writing lab on an off hour to get help on this.
-Prepare for next weeks fishbowl on Wednesday which is a PLC day. Make sure you talk to your 1st period teacher about missing that class, and don't forget that you need to be at school at 8:45.

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