Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dorian Gray 13-16

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  1. Ok so I see that everyone has a different idea as to why James came back and I think he came back to show that you can never outrun your past. I think he came back to show that even though Dorian might not be aging he still can’t really stop anything or out run anything because in the end it will still always come back to get him. Dorian made a mistake many years ago and so far he’s been able to run from the only proof, he’s covered the painting, the only reminder he has for what he did but James is still here. Dorian will never be able to out run what he did.
    I also agree that religion isn’t big in this book, yes there might be a mention of heaven and hell here and there but it’s not RUNNING anything in the book, it’s just like a side note.
    I don’t think Dorian killing Basil will really change him much at all because right after he did it his first thoughts and fears was how he was going to cover it up. I do agree that the murder was just another step in his spiral and he doesn’t feel the need to stop; it’s soooooo easy to get INTO trouble but so much harder to get OUT of trouble. Dorian has no incentive to stop and fix himself or to pay for the things he’s done.
    I think Dorian isn’t really a devil I think he’s just the product of his life and what everyone has made him to be. I think that his symbolism in the story is to show how shallow and mindless society really is. Dorian was nothing until Henry started making him into what he is, he shows how easily people minds can be changed and worked into different ways. Dorian shows that people are week and superficial and become what they become to be accepted into the world so that they don’t feel out of place.