Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dorian Gray 9-12

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  1. Ok so I wasn't there:( but I see that choice and free will and if Dorian will be able to get away from the "sin" that Lord Henry has led him to. So first off; I think that maybe everyone needs to get off the kick that Lord Henry's evil because until last Friday no one really talked about him being evil until Smith said he was and I personally don't think he is. I think that Henry's a character there to show Wilde's point of how superficial and shallow society is and that he's not really good or evil. Throughout the book Henry's been watching Dorain and "changing" Dorian into what he wants, he's been messing with his head and I don't think that's evil, I don't think it's good either but I wouldn't go so far as to say its evil. And now to touch on the main topics I saw in the blog: I think that Dorian probably won't be able to get away from the track he's on because he's already horrified by what he sees in the painting but that hasn't really changed him. I think as long as he apears beautiful to the world he'll feel no need to change if his flaws are only showing up on the painting that he's hidden away. I also agree with a lot of the class that Dorian's free will and that's all of Dorian's choices aren't really his own they're just manifestations of the person that Lord Henry's made him to be. I doubt if Dorian will be able to break away into free will because I don't think he knows what it is, like the love conversation that went on, I'm not sure if he ever really had choices to make so I don't think he knows how to do the right thing. Someone also mentaion that he's probably insane and I think that this might be possible and it might be yet another reason why he won't be able to make his own choice about the right thing to do because I don't think he KNOWS what the right thing to do is, I don't see any evidence that Dorian's ever been the head of his own life.