Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dorian Gray 17-20

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  1. The point is to show that even though you may not be marred on the outside for what sins you do, your soul will always be affected. Even though Dorian realizes in the end he needed to change, he overlooked that by destroying the painting "his soul" he also would be destroyed. Dorians soul was already gone from all of his earlier sins all that was left was Dorian's physical form. Oscar Wilde wrote this story to show that everything you does effects your soul even though you can't see it. Dorian's picture shows us how corrupt people can become through acts of greed and self pleasure. Oscsar Wilde shows that there is a corrupt side and a good side to people and that how we act by choosing one side over the other changes the paths we live on. Our actions are influenced by others if we allow ourselves to believe in what others want us to think. If we allow others to choose our lives for us there is no possible way it will end well.